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Our Story

Be Inspired by Charmington Designs, you don’t wear them – you experience the feeling.

Charmington pieces convey the message of inspiration, hope and celebration. A Charmington Design represents more than a fashionable piece of quality jewelry – it evokes a feeling of social consciousness and well-being.


Sandra Young-Hewitt grew up in the tropical island Trinidad & Tobago. Having a European multi-racial heritage sums up to a good sense of the world’s composition and interesting life experiences. Sandi's biggest inspiration is being a mother to her three wonderful  sons... their unique love and special personality gave Charmington Designs an inspiration to become life. The continued love and support of my family and close friends is priceless. Thank you!   

Her leadership role in multi-media, developing and instituting therapeutic programs and designing inspire her creativity. A misfit limb, a doll, one dress and a hand-peddled sewing machine as a young child gave Sandi inspiration. Combined with the voice of reason and the desire to tell your story with handmade jewelry is the motivation behind Charmington Designs. Inspiring creativity is what the Charmington Designs vision is about. 

Our handmade charm bracelets and earrings bring beauty, style and most importantly inspiration to others. Our jewelry designs create a feeling of being special – Their messages have meanings beyond their artistic beauty. You experience possibility - strength to endure adversity, grace to own inner beauty, love to live in the moment and a guiding light to become the best you are meant to be. May you be inspired by every Charmington Design you own!


Linda Donofrio owned and operated an international promotional marketing agency in the NY area for over 20 years. She worked in Asia to source, design and develop promotional merchandise for the cosmetic, hair / skin care (Avon, Chanel, Clairol, Fila, Givenchy, La Prairie) and fashion industries. Most recently she was curating products for on-air sales for two TV shows – Extra and E! Entertainment. With an eye for fashion-forward trends and experience in building successful brands, her experience compliments Sandi’s creativity in designing unique jewelry for Charmington Designs.